Smart Radiator Controller Vicki
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Smart Radiator Controller Vicki

Vicki is a smart radiator controller which can regulate remotely each heating unit at your home. With your smartphone, you are able to control as many devices as you have radiators for. With the intuitive APP, Geolocation and Timers, the control over your home climate become easier. Vicki is installed easily on the radiator so you can enjoy separate or simultaneous control of the rooms’ temperature at home.

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1 x Vicki



Vicki Starter Pack


Control from a distance

With Vicki you can change and set the temperature at home, wherever you are.


Vicki uses your smartphone’s geolocation, to set the needed home temperature. Vicki saves while nobody’s home and warms just before somebody gets back.

Energy Savings

When the house is empty, Vicki keeps things cooler and energy efficient, when she detects that somebody’s back in, she will warm up the place to make them feel comfortable.


With Vicki’s mobile APP you can see the changes in the domestic temperatures and how much power did the radiators use for keeping it perfect.

More functionalitites


You don't need to replace your old heating units in order to make them smarter, Vicki does this for you.


You can plan Vicki's working a whole week ahead. Create as much timers as you need to.


By defining 'nearby' or 'away from' home distance, Vicki adjusts your rooms' temperature.


After certain temperature is reached, Vicki can either stop or start heating.

Activity log

The Activity log gives a neat preview of all actions performed by Vicki.

Daily schedule

Vicki will turn on, turn off, or adjust the temperature whenever you tell her to.


Reports are keeping you updated about all temperature and humidity changes at home.

Family accounts

Everybody in the family can have their own account to control Vicki.

Multiple rooms

The Multiple rooms feature provides quick access to each Vicki at home.

Open window

Any open window nearby is a sign for Vicki to adjust heating accordingly.

Automatic updates

Any software and hardware updates are received by Vicki in no time.

Calcification detection

If any calcification occurs, Vicki is able to detect it.

Manual control of the knob

You can always roll Vicki by hand, in case you want to.

Learning habits

Vicki knows the amount of time necessary to heat rooms and how fast they cool down.

Thermostat integrations

There are many great products out there and Vicki works with them as well.


IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the best is yet to come.

Control your home radiators with your smartphone

Vicki gives you full control over your home climate with your smartphone.

"Ok Google, heat up the bedroom."

Control your room temperature with your voice. Vicki works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa



What's inside the box:

Vicki, RAV adapter, RA adapter, RAVL adapter, Quick Installation Guide, Meet Vicki leaflet

Frequently asked questions:

  • How does Vicki work?

    Vicki needs to be installed directly on the radiator and to be connected to the central gateway that we call Mom. You should get a Vicki device for every radiator at home. Vicki communicates with the central gateway with LoRa technology, and the central gateway is connected to your domestic Wi-Fi network.

  • What kind of radiators does Vicki control?

    Vicki works seamlessly with district heating and thermostats. Compatible with RA, RAV and RAVL Valve Adapters.

  • Do I need Wi-Fi to use Vicki?

    Yes. Vicki uses LoRa technology to communicate with central gateway, but the connection between your smartphone and the gateway needs a Wi-Fi network.

  • How many Vicki smart valves can I have?

    You can have as many Vicki devices as you have radiators for.

  • Do I need a Vicki Starter Pack?

    Yes. In order to control your radiators remotly you will need a Vicki Starter Packi which consist of 1 central gateway and 2 Vicki smart valves.

Technical details:


Bulgarian, English, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, Greek, Estonian, Turkish, Norwegian, Italian, Russian, Latvian, Danish, Lithuanian, Finnish


A, RAV and RAVL Valve Adapters


Temperature & Humidity sensors




Vicki : 5,4cm x 8,4cm x 5,4cm 107,29gr
Box: 14,5cm x 8,3cm x 8cm


Battery 2xAA


2 years


Mom, Access point (Wi-Fi router),
Smartphone (Android/iOS)


2-year limited warranty.

Smart Radiator Controller Vicki
Smart Radiator Controller Vicki
Vicki is a smart radiator controller which can regulate remotely each heating unit at your home. With your smartphone, you are able to control as many devices as you have radiators for.
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